Analyzing the Best Performing Ads From the Second Quarter of 2021


One of the best ways to improve your advertising campaigns is to study the campaigns of others. We’re pulling back the curtain and showing you what worked best for us during the second quarter of 2021.

Creating ads that capture attention, and convince people to open their wallets isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it successfully. To achieve a high return on ad spend, you’ll need to learn from others, and think creatively to use your available assets to tell a compelling story.

We’re here to help by showing you our best-performing ads from Q2.

What worked for us was pretty consistent when it comes to asset type, copy length, and the CTA. We have found a combination of assets and copy that generally works really well for crowdfunding campaigns. Let’s look at what worked, and why.

Movo Webmic

Movo Webmic is an all-in-one HD webcam, mic and LED light. We helped Movo raise $653,017 on Kickstarter. When setting up ads for this crowdfunding campaign we ran three ads simultaneously using three different combinations of assets and copy.

Key takeaway from Movo’s ads

Movo’s assets for ads were very product-focused. While we generally like to leverage a combination of lifestyle and product shots, it’s always best to follow the strengths of the assets themselves. In Movo’s case, the product shots clearly told the story of what the product was, and how it is used. The three combinations of ads run simultaneously gave multiple opportunities for Facebook users to encounter Movo and see it presented differently.

If your assets clearly showcase your product in use, this could be the route to try first. But be sure that you don’t leave the Facebook user guessing about what your product is supposed to do.

Movo Ad 1

Our first ad used a single close-up image paired with simple clear copy. We identified what Movo was, and what it did. It was no-frills and straightforward.

Movo Ad 2

The second ad in our campaign was a short gif paired with creative copy. This ad was scroll-stopping because of the combination of a motion gif with a question in the copy.

Movo Ad 3

The third ad in our campaign was a dual-image paired with longer-form copy. This allowed us to share more detail about the product. Longer ad copy can include bullet points, short paragraphs or longer sentences. What makes the most sense will vary from product to product.

The Results:

  • $215,856 in revenue from trackable ad links
  • 1430 conversions2.77x ROAS
  • 3.83x ROAS from attribution loss. For more on this calculation, see our blog on this topic.

DUEX Plus & Lite

DUEX Lite & DUEX Plus are portable dual-screen laptop monitors that raised $1,036,025 on Kickstarter with our help. We took a similar approach with DUEX as we did with MOVO. The assets were predominantly product-focused, but there was a lifestyle asset in the mix. DUEX had a larger advertising budget to spend, so we ran several ad campaigns to find these best-performing ads. They were not run in conjunction with each other but did outperform all other combinations we tried.

Another key difference for this campaign was the setup. We set up a campaign for images and a campaign for videos and gifs. From those two campaigns, these three ads outperformed the rest.

Key takeaways from DUEX’s ads

Use a variety of assets if you have the ability to do so. When we have several images, videos and gifs we want to test, we set up two separate campaigns and test more at once.
This is especially important for crowdfunding campaigns because of their time limits. Figure out what will perform, and do it quickly so you can scale ad spend.

Test varying lengths and types of ad copy. The copy below was the best performing out of roughly 10 sets of copy we initially created.


A short gif worked well for this particular product because it was important to show how DUEX worked. The animation helped users understand the product more clearly. If you have a product with several features you may want to consider a short gif to show how those features work. We paired the gif with short copy to let the asset do the “talking.”


This lifestyle image was effective because it clearly showed the product in use. It’s not overly flashy, but it makes it easy for audiences to picture themselves using the product. The copy here is a little longer but still direct and to the point.


You’ll notice a clear close-up shot of the product is used in this ad. We emphasized the product in the asset with a question in the copy. This combination helped steer audiences to consider how the product would fit in their lives.

The Results:

  • Link Clicks – 41,321
  • Conversions – 693
  • Revenue – $166,494
  • ROAS – 4.90


Knee+ is a new, innovative approach to at-home light therapy that offers clinical-level treatments from the comfort of your own home. Enventys Partners worked with Knee+ through the pre-launch phase of their campaign and will be launching soon on Indiegogo.

This campaign was unique because it was structured in several phases with each testing different ad copy and assets. By the end of three phases, we had the following ads as the best performing. We’ll use these insights as we head into their campaign launch.

Key takeaways from Knee+’s ads

Once again, the best-performing assets are again very product-focused. The black background helped the product stand out against other images that may appear in a user’s newsfeed.

Knee+ Ad 1

This close-up gif combined with short copy stands out in the newsfeed. It shows what Knee+ is and does very clearly.

Knee+ Ad 2 Knee+ Ad 3

These ads both rely on the same asset and longer copy. After testing several sets of copy we found short and longer form copy worked for this product. This is most likely because the short copy says exactly what the product is and the long copy explains to a user why they might need Knee+. For technical products, longer copy is worth testing in a couple different ways. You might find similar results.

The Results:

  • Impressions – 244,445
  • Reach – 199,991
  • Clicks – 12,340
  • Click-through-rate – 5.05%
  • Leads -2,332
  • Cost per lead – $1.66

If you’re looking to run ads for your campaign, we hope you’re able to learn from what’s worked for us this quarter. A mix of copy styles with clear, compelling images is always a good idea, but figuring out the right combination takes a bit of patience and expertise. We know Facebook ads can be intimidating so if you need some help, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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