The Best Crowdfunding Conferences in 2014

Crowdfunding and crowdfunding marketing are rapidly growing topics in 2014, especially now that Kickstarter has brought in more than $1 billion total pledges . The industry is responding with a number of conferences around the country this year. If you’re looking to learn more about reward-based crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding, make sure to check out the list below to network and meet with some of the experts in our field.

If you’re an investor, marketer, or project creator, it’s important to stay sharp in this burgeoning industry. So if you need to learn more about monetizing your idea, marketing your project, or raising capital using crowdfunding, then one of these conferences is for you.

Crowdfunding Beat – April 3-4 – Palo Alto, CA

The Annual Silicon Valley CrowdFund Conference and Expo is held in California, and features experts in venture capital, equity crowdfunding, and reward-based crowdfunding. The conference will feature topics including reward-based platforms other than Kickstarter, how to reach your crowdfunding goal, crowdfunding for real estate, international crowdfunding, and crowdfunding and private investments. Speakers include: Enventys Partners President Roy Morejon; Jason Best, co-founder of Startup Exemption and co-author of the crowdfunding investing framework used in the JOBS Act to legalize equity- and debt-based crowdfunding; Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, the fastest-growing equity crowdfunding platform in Europe; and Jeremiah Owyang, the Chief Catalyst and Founder of Crowd Companies.

Tickets are available now, use code: COMMANDPARTNERS to save 40% off your conference tickets.

One Spark – April 9-13 – Jacksonville, FL

While technically a festival rather than a conference, One Spark give creators an open venue to show off their project and compete for votes and cash prizes. Creators have a chance to meet with tons of investors, peers, and crowdfunding experts over the course of the week. If you’re not a creator, One Spark also features a lineup of speakers for a $250 all-access pass.

Crowdfunding USA Conference and Expo – May 1-2 – Atlanta, GA

Also hosted by CrowdFundingBeat, the Crowdfunding USA Conference and Expo will be the first annual event in Atlanta. Attendees can expect to learn about real estate crowdfunding, crowdfunding and private investments, and intrastate crowdfunding. Attendees will also be able to network and enjoy a pitch contest. Tickets are on sale now, starting at $299 until March 16th and increasing after that.

Crowdfunding East – August 28 – Boston, MA

Hosted by Crowdfund Productions, LLC, the Crowdfunding East conference is a day-long event with a morning and afternoon session. The morning session will focus on reward-based crowdfunding, and the afternoon will be devoted to options for raising capital to finance a business. The tickets start at $100 for the full day, with cheaper options for attending just the morning or afternoon session.