8 Reasons You Should Retarget Your Email List with Facebook Ads

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Did you know that you can create Facebook Ads that only target your email subscriber list? Within Facebook Business Manager, you can upload your email list and create Custom Audiences that you can then target with Facebook Ads. When you upload your ema …

Did you know that you can create Facebook Ads that only target your email subscriber list?

Within Facebook Business Manager, you can upload your email list and create Custom Audiences that you can then target with Facebook Ads.

When you upload your email addresses into Facebook, if your subscribers used the same email address to setup their Facebook Account then that subscriber will be added to your Custom Audience. We find that there is typically a 70% match rate, so if you have 10,000 email subscribers, you will probably end up with a Custom Audience of roughly 7,000 users.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Why would I want to pay for Facebook Ads to target people who I am already reaching via email”?

8 Reasons to Retarget Your email List with Facebook Ads:

#1. Reach people when they have free time to look at your offer.

Many times, your subscribers get your emails while they are at work and they don’t have time to fully check out your offer or content.

They may mean to look at your site later when they have time, but then time slips away and they forget.

Facebook is an activity that many people do in the evening while in front of the TV when they have some free time. If they saw your email earlier in the day and then later that evening see your Facebook ad with a similar message, it will remind them that they meant to look at the offer later when they had time.

Now they have the time research your offer but may have forgotten about without seeing your Facebook Ad.

#2. Frequency, Frequency, Frequency

Your marketing message typically needs to get in front of prospective buyers multiple times before they’ll be influenced to take action.  The average tech shopper uses more than 14 sources of information to arrive at their decision. Younger shoppers use over 21 sources. Email + Facebook Advertising helps get you to a high enough frequency that it will be noticed and remembered.

#3. It makes your business look larger than it is

When people see your business marketing in multiple channels like Facebook & email, it makes it look like your business is everywhere.  In order to be everywhere, they assume that you must be spending a lot of marketing dollars which would mean your business is large.  They also assume that everyone is seeing this advertising because they do not realize they are receiving the Facebook ad because they are on your email list.

And the best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get this kind of presence online.  The reality is that for just a few dollars a day, you can reach your entire email list daily on Facebook.

#4. Minimize Risk

When you create your Custom Audience on Facebook, you can continue to target them with ads if they unsubscribe, switch email addresses or your emails start ending up in their spam or promotions folder.

Your email list is an asset, and creating a Facebook Custom Audience with your list helps ensure you can continue to reach them via Facebook regardless of what happens to their email.

#5. Look-a-Like Audiences

How would you like to find 1 million people who have similar interests, demographics, purchasing habits, and online activity as your customers?

After uploading an email list into Facebook and creating a Custom Audience, you can then create a look-a-like audience of 1 million+ Facebook users to later target with Facebook Ads.  This is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing today.

#6.  Trust

Not only will your business look larger, which lends trust… people just trust businesses who are on Facebook more than those who are not.  If they are seeing your business on Facebook and email, they now know of 2 places to reach you immediately if they have an issue with your product or service.

Facebook is also place where people refer friends to businesses when they have had a good experience.  By being on Facebook and in their news feed, it makes it easier for them to recommend your business to their friends.

#7. It’s Inexpensive

Facebook ads cost less the more that people click and engage with the ad.  Your past customers and email subscribers will click on your ads at much higher rate than other target audiences because they are familiar with your brand.

This higher level of engagement makes it really inexpensive to advertise to your email list.

#8. Social Proof

Your past customers will make glowing comments on your Facebook Ads about how much they love your business.  And when those comments are seen by prospects that gives them the social proof to trust your business.

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