8 Mailchimp Pro Partners Share Their Favorite Newsletters

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With many newsletters on the market, which ones are worth subscribing to? Eight Mailchimp Pro Partners share their favorite newsletters on topics ranging from news to tech to marketing.

What Newsletters Should You Subscribe to? 8 Mailchimp Pro Partners Answer

Newsletters are more popular than ever as a way to educate, entertain, and build relationships. But with so many newsletters out there, which ones should you even be reading? Enventys Partners asked eight Mailchimp Pro Partners what their favorite newsletters are and why.


The Hustle

“I really enjoy The Hustle, which was recently acquired by Hubspot. If you aren’t already familiar with it, this email newsletter features a news or tech story that is usually approached from an angle that hasn’t been covered before. The stories are always engaging and informative. These stories would work in any medium, but email seems to fit how they are presented. Short format, no filler, to-the-point copy with maybe a photo or two, in a very basic layout. It reminds me daily that quality content is always more important than anything else, and can even stand on its own.”

Adam Q. Holden-Bache, Director of Email Marketing, Enventys Partners


Email Emily

“A big shout out to my fellow Mailchimp partner Emily Ryan (from Westfield Creative) here. Her personal touch means you are more likely to read the email. She clearly puts a lot of thought into sharing the things she loves or finds interesting, and I’m always interested to see what caught her eye. We sometimes get a mention which is great!”

Doug Dennison, CEO & Co-founder, MailNinja


A Mixed Bag

“There are 3-5 newsletters I read almost daily. Some favorites are The Newsette, Big Spaceship’s Internet Brunch, Morning Brew and I also love Dan Oshinsky’s monthly “Not A Newsletter” (fellow Mailchimp Partner). There are so many great newsletters out there these days. For email geeks, I also love Really Good Emails emails and also All Things Email (by fellow Mailchimp Partners).”

Emily Ryan, Co-Founder and Email Strategist, Westfield Creative


De Costa a Costa and The Marketing Analytics Intersection

“I can’t pick only one, I read so many! One of my favorite Italian newsletters is “Da Costa a Costa”–in Italian, “Coast to Coast”–by Francesco Costa, a journalist who writes about U.S. society and politics; he’s my go-to source to understand what’s going on in America, with links to many interesting sources from the international press.

One of the newsletters I’ve been reading for years, and I’m still subscribed to, is Avinash Kaushik TMAI, The Marketing-Analytics Intersection: Avinash is a true thought leader, always capable to point out the really important issues and crush the vanity metrics, a truly regenerating reading.”

Alessandra Farabegoli, Digital Strategist, Co-Founder, Digital Update and Freelancecamp Italia


A Little Bit of Everything

“Hmmm. That’s a difficult question to answer because I subscribe to a lot from a research point of view.

Presently I’m enjoying reading Emily Ryan‘s emails, Nick Gray‘s when he sends them, Mailninja sends interesting email marketing tips, I always skim Hacker News. Derek Sivers is great, James Altucher and Noah Kagan are also on the I always skim list. If I like the subject I’ll read it.”

Glenn Edley, Director & Email Strategist, Spike


The Morning and WTF Just Happened Today?

“While I subscribe to a wide variety of emails related to my industry, outside of that I prefer journalistic email that features clear summaries of key points. I don’t often have a lot of time to read long pieces, so I appreciate a newsletter that doesn’t require clickthrough just to get the news, but does offer it for those times when I have the inclination to dig deeper.

The Morning (US Edition) from The New York Times provides the essentials from the top headlines, with links directly to the articles that explore those topics. A more irreverent news source I enjoy is WTF Just Happened Today?, which provides a light but rambling summary of the day’s events to start, with a compilation of news source links supporting the featured topics throughout the rest of the email.”

MaryAnn Pfeiffer, Digital Marketing Strategist, 108 Degrees Digital Marketing


Stacked Marketer and Digital Marketer

“Although I subscribe to lots of email newsletters, most of the time they don’t actually get read! But to be honest, my favourite newsletters have probably nothing to do with business… They have to do with my other interests – US sports & golf.

My favourite Business one at the moment is Stacked Marketer… a great all-round resource of what’s going on in Marketing on a daily basis. I’m also always a fan of the stuff Digital Marketer does.”

Robin Adams, Owner and Founder, Chimp Answers


Close to Home

“It’s a friend’s newsletter and she works in a similar industry, but not the same industry. She always includes fun links to silly things, recipes, interesting links to new things to learn in her industry and in science. She includes a personal paragraph at the top of her email. She is humorous and positive in her outlook of life.”

Amy Hall, Email Marketing Strategist and Certified Mailchimp Partner, amyhall.biz


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