5 Reasons Why Small Marketing Firms Are Better

Over the past decade, small marketing firms have gained popularity around the country.  While large firms still dominate larger clients, small firms are giving them a run for their money and gaining ground in the marketplace.

More To Lose

While this may appear to be a negative, it’s actually a positive for clients.  Smaller firms put everything they have into each client knowing they can’t rely on a big brand name to cushion any failures.  For a small firm, every client is the most important client.  Everyone in the company, from intern to president, is working together to produce the most successful campaign for all clients. Successful campaigns are all about risk taking, and with a small firm that can’t afford mediocracy, high risk/high reward campaigns are much more prominent than with large firms.

Quality Over Quantity

Obviously, large firms have an advantage when it comes to pure volume of employees.  However, that in no way means that every client is getting the attention of every employee.  It also means that the firm can afford to have weaker employees that rely on stronger employees for help when things go wrong. Smaller firms cannot afford this luxury. All members of a small firm have to contribute something amazing to the team or there’s simply no need for them. By recruiting only the most passionate individuals, small firms create an atmosphere that allows for nothing but the best.

Unbeatable Work Culture

Small firms offer a work culture unparalleled by large companies.  This culture breeds creativity and excellence from everyone at the company.  Small firms allow for employees to work together closely and expand their skill sets into all aspects of a campaign.  Creatives work with programmers and designers to blend all of their skills and build the best possible campaign for every client.  Large firms often come with segregation of departments which can breed hostility and slow the process of building a cohesive campaign.

Faster Turn Around

In todays fast-paced, technology-driven culture when slow results can mean doom for a client it’s important for campaigns to be relevant and timely.  Small firms are able to produce quality content at a faster pace than large firms.  It has already been discussed that all facets of a campaign work together more closely at small firms but this really matters when it comes to how quickly content can be produced. If social media needs to be created quickly to capitalize on a current event, small firms can more efficiently collaborate between departments and get designs approved much faster than working between departments at a large firm.

Niche Markets

Small firms are the obvious choice for specialized or local campaigns. Many small firms choose to work with very specific clients and are able to develop more meaningful campaigns based on their extensive knowledge of niche markets.  Enventys Partners has made it their specialty to work with clients who are running crowdfunding campaigns.  This means they are experts on crowdfunding’s best practices and have close working relationships with crowdfunding websites as well as previous backers.  Enventys Partners offers a unique specialty that is only found in a small firm.

All of these characteristics work together to allow small firms to compete with the big boys. Enventys Partners recently represented a Kickstarter campaign that exceeded its goal by over 8000%.  They did this by embodying all of the qualities that make small firms comparable, if not superior to, large firms. While large firms still have obvious perks, small firms are no longer something to be ignored. If you want to learn more about the small firm advantage, contact Enventys Partners!