4 Reasons to Use Drupal for Your Small Business Website


If you’re a small business or startup who needs website development, we understand how daunting the process can be. To the non-technologically savvy person, even know where to start can be difficult. You may even have made one of the following decision …

If you’re a small business or startup who needs website development, we understand how daunting the process can be. To the non-technologically savvy person, even know where to start can be difficult. You may even have made one of the following decisions already:

– Those wix commercials look pretty great. I’ll just build my own website.
– Everyone I know uses WordPress. I need a WordPress site too.

To be clear, we have nothing against WordPress. Many of the websites that we build are based on WordPress. We just want to spell out some of the important advantages that Drupal brings to the table so that you can make a more informed decision.

Without further ado, here are four reasons why we recommend a Drupal website every time.

  1. Drupal is proven, and more popular than you might think…

…even if you’ve never heard of it. A quick read of this list will show you that Drupal is being used by some powerhouse organizations including IKEA, Zynga, and The White House. However, you shouldn’t let the size comparison make you think that Drupal is “too much” for your company, because…

  1. Drupal is highly customizable and extensible

Even our own company website (which is pretty straightforward, for a website) is built with Drupal. Drupal can readily replicate many of the simple content management systems (CMS) that you’re used to by providing an interface where you can create new pages, rearrange your menus, and easily post a blog.

But if you’re looking for something more complex, Drupal provides some agility that WordPress and other popular small business frameworks simply can’t. For example, eCommerce is an easy addition to any Drupal website, but we have yet to find a stable and reliable plugin for WordPress that provides a good and easy-to-manage ecommerce storefront.

Drupal also lends itself to other needs as well. There is an analogy that states “WordPress is a content management system, while Drupal is an application management system.” Drupal is flexible enough to serve as a website, or a display kiosk, or a fully functional intranet for a company.

Drupal scales extraordinarily well. As a small business, you will grow and change over the next few years. Drupal’s extensibility will allow you to adapt your site to any need that your growing business has, rather than needing to build a new site or change platforms.

  1. Drupal has a thriving development community

Most freelance developers that you will talk to can build a WordPress site, but it has become so simple and easy to claim expertise. Without having your own developer on staff, it can be difficult to audit your new website to make sure that it was built correctly.

However, because Drupal developers are a more close-knit community than the sprawling expanse of people who have quickly built one or two quick blogs, you can trust that there is a support system in place and a constant feedback loop on drupal.org that allows new developers to seek advice from their experienced peers. Additionally, the Drupal development community is constantly updating and building modules to expand the platform, while many one-off plugins for WordPress have been abandoned and left dormant, opening sites up to compatibility and security issues.

  1. Drupal is very secure

While technical in nature, security for your website is of utmost importance for any business. At a minimum, an insecure website will be open to hacks that could ultimately crash your website, resulting in downtime and lost customers. If you’re an eCommerce site or other business that stores customer data and information on your site, having security holes can not only mean lost data but also legal risks as well. Drupal is the most stable and most secure of any available CMS because Drupal has an active community of security experts constantly combing the code for vulnerabilities.

When you need to build a substantial site that needs to grow, you should seriously consider Drupal. Drupal is an award winning Application Management System, having acquired an InfoWorld Bossie Award. If you’re in the market for a secure, rock steady, reliable, full-featured CMS, contact Enventys Partners to discuss your website design and development needs.

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