A New Way To Organize Cords

Mark and Sheri Lynch were frustrated one night while managing the cords of their Christmas tree. They knew there must be a better way to manage the power cords, and after much thinking and experimenting, they came up with the concept for the Power Claw.


Product Improvements to Increase Mass Appeal

What started off as a seasonal item to manage holiday décor evolved into the Power Claw. Now used and purchased year round by DIY-ers and contractors, the Power Claw was designed by the team at Enventys to offer a convenient and safe way to manage power cords while working. The heavy duty device features a spring-loaded clamp that will allow it to lock onto just about any surface while providing users with three conveniently-located, grounded outlets.


Major Licensing Agreement

Since the Power Claw was developed, the intellectual property it was based on has been licensed to Stanley Black & Decker. It has been produced and sold under their FatMax brand, receiving great reviews from online retailers,