Nectar Sunglasses' Future's So Bright with a 100% ROI Increase

Nectar Sunglasses is a lifestyle company founded in 2012 by two surfers and longtime friends in Charleston, SC. Their mission is to create dynamic eyewear fit for life’s greatest adventures. Their beach-inspired brand is made for everyone, from bold risk-takers to travel enthusiasts to those looking for the perfect shades for a day out with friends. To help repopulate endangered honeybees in the United States, Nectar donates a portion of their profits to


Reinvigorate Existing Product Sales via Social Media and Retargeting.

The Nectar team had success with Facebook advertising in the past. They had run a great campaign the year before and were expecting a bigger return this year, so they contacted Enventys Partners.

After analyzing Nectar’s branding and customers, Enventys Partners launched a series of awareness advertising campaigns to test different relevant audiences as well as ads that spoke to Nectar’s target audience. When the audience and right messaging were identified, Enventys Partners scaled the tests that performed best and began new ones. This process was reiterated until a healthy cost per acquisition (CPA) was achieved.

In addition to daily social media management of the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, the social media team created a monthly Instagram contest for Nectar fans. The goals of this contest were to increase awareness of the Nectar brand on Instagram, encourage engagement and brand promotion and supply the team with a backlog of photo assets. This contest also offered one free pair of Nectar glasses of the winner’s choice per month as an incentive to participate.


$165,000 Additional Monthly Revenue

Enventys Partners worked to create a successful campaign. Nectar generated $250k+ in sales from May 15 – July 31. Over 50% of sales were directly attributable to our Facebook campaign. Nectar’s spend on Facebook ads resulted in 100% ROI.


Increase in sales in 2.5 months


Increase in FB Likes


Of All Sales Attributed to Our Marketing


Return on Ad Spend