Cat Scratch Fever

Michael Diep, a full time business consultant, became frustrated by regular, time-consuming trips to the vet for his cats’ nails to be trimmed. He came to Enventys with a homemade prototype that let his cats dull their nails on their own time, and more importantly, without forcing Michael to a play challenging game of hide-and-seek with his terrified cats. He worked with the team at Enventys to improve his prototype, turning it into a product that could be mass-marketed and sold.


Cat-Centric User Testing + Product Development

Our industrial design team wanted to create a product that would appeal to the fickle opinions of a cat, as well as meet the design standards of the cat’s parent. Through market research and product testing with several cats, the Enventys team was able to establish the right combination of fun and function, creating something that cats will want to play with, that will also trim their nails. After multiple iterations and prototypes, the team came up with the current design of the product.

The Emery Cat offers a honeycomb surface infused with catnip that encourages cats to test it out for themselves. As cats play with Emery Cat, their nails are filed, meaning the cats won’t be scratching the furniture anymore. Complete with an attached toy, the Emery Cat is designed to aesthetically blend in with a home’s design, and with skid-free pads, it won’t scratch hardwoods.


Millions of Units Sold Annually Across the USA

In 2014, the Emery Cat was licensed to Pet Stages, a pet product company with products in stores worldwide. Emery Cat is now sold across the country in Walgreens, Target, Best Buy and other national retailers. Additionally, since his success, Michael Diep and his Emery Cat have been featured on NPR’s Marketplace Morning Report and in USA Today, Cat Fancy and more.