Nonprofit Connects With Donors

The Diabetes Research Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in San Diego which focuses on innovative type one diabetes research and funding for early-career scientists through a unique crowdfunding model as well as traditional digital marketing. Working with Enventys Partners was the natural choice for this donor-driven organization.

As an email list can make or break an online donation campaign, our PPC team chose to focus on building the subscriber base through both the Google Grants for Nonprofits program and a Facebook Lead Generation campaign. Leveraging both platforms allowed the DRC to connect with potential donors proactively on the social network and through Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


Fund-amental Building Blocks

Enventys Partners began by restructuring the client’s existing Google AdWords account, eliminating non-productive keywords and rebuilding ad sets into more cohesive groups. Text ads were updated to the newer expanded ad format, and shifted to drive for a more concrete call-to-action (CTA). Conversion tracking was enabled, positioning the account for a potential increase over the standard $10,000-per-month budget set by the Google Grants for Nonprofits program. Several landing pages were created and tested for the AdWords campaign, with the most successful becoming the key to driving newsletter sign-ups.

Facebook Ads were a relatively new territory for the DRC. Adding their unique Facebook Pixel to the site allowed us to build a remarketing audience which we then used to create a lookalike audience. Targeting this group with a Facebook Lead Generation campaign had the most potential for conversions, and allowed for A/B testing across multiple demographics.

Expanding the email list was only the first step. Our content team created a whitepaper that mentioned type one diabetes statistics and highlighted how the DRC works with donated funds, which was offered to all new email subscribers as an incentive for signing up. The email marketing campaign was supplemented with a revised monthly newsletter and periodic donation drive blasts, allowing for multiple touches that were non-invasive. All emails were thoughtfully crafted to send potential donors to the highest converting landing pages,


Thousands of Steps Closer to a Cure

By enabling conversion tracking and maximizing the spend monthly, the DRC was able to apply for the GrantsPro, which they received just prior to the program’s demise, boosting their monthly budget to $40,000 per month. This allowed them to increase their reach exponentially, as well as test new campaign targeting with the additional funding without sacrificing their current ROI.

Facebook Lead Generation edged out AdWords slightly as the more successful source of subscribers, providing 58% of the total emails collected. In addition to the emails, there was a natural increase in engagement on the associated Facebook Page, which improved their social visibility and pushed growth across their network.

Our campaigns yielded a 407% increase to their email list, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for their research projects. These additional subscribers have become a more important piece of the Diabetes Research Connection’s fundraising efforts as they support new research into type one diabetes and expand exposure for the goals of the nonprofit.