We’ll help you get the coverage you need for success.


Public relations is a critical piece of launching a new product or company. At Enventys Partners, we believe the foundation of a good public relations strategy begins with research to better understand what’s out there and how your company fits into that targeted space. We begin all of our campaigns by examining existing coverage regarding your organization as well as your competitors to gain deep insight into your audience, product and industry.

Once Enventys Partners has collected all of the initial information, our public relations tools and insights allow our PR team to create shareable, compelling content that is sure to turn heads. Our team’s experience working with clients from a wide range of industries combined with our collaborative sessions and crowd-sourced tactics is our secret formula for securing the most prominent placement with the top influencers in any industry. Because Enventys Partners works hard at maintaining relationships with the top journalists in a number of industries, we have secured coverage for our clients in Mashable, WIRED, TechCrunch, Fast Company, The New York Times, WSJ, Forbes, The Verge, LA Times, Variety, The Huffington Post and many more of the world’s leading publications.

Here at Enventys Partners, we believe a comprehensive brand strategy is key to the success of a new product.