Facebook Advertising

Through success-based strategy and creativity, we are able to not only find your fans, but convert them into backers.

Convert Fans To Backers With Our Facebook Advertising Strategies For Crowdfunding.

When it comes to the success of your crowdfunding campaign, time is of the essence. This is why we utilize Facebook ads over other forms of paid advertising to effectively reach a highly-targeted audience base who will not only support your campaign, but become lifelong fans. Our experienced Facebook ads specialists know how to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns designed for high conversions at a low cost. We use a hands-on approach to locate hyper-targeted audiences and serial crowdfunding backers, based on a combination of geographic and demographic information, along with users’ likes and preferences. Product advertising, and Kickstarter Facebook ads in particular, is one of the most effective ways to see an instant return on your investment.

Facebook’s Case Study on Antonia Saint NY

See what Facebook had to say about our work with Antonia Saint NY’s recent crowdfunding campaign.

Our Process

What to Expect When Enventys Partners Manages Your Facebook Ads

With hundreds of successfully funded projects, we’ve developed a proven process for Facebook ad management and crowdfunding marketing that we know works time and time again.

We’re able to use Facebook ads to build a list of engaged buyers before a campaign, drive targeted traffic to your campaign once it’s live, and reinvigorate campaigns that have already launched.


Before we begin running ads, we take time to strategize with you and analyze your project and goals. During this time we will also review all photos, assets and materials, and determine an advertising budget.

Content Creation

As we work to create content for your ads, we take the time to analyze and develop target audiences while producing audience-specific copy and eye-catching, clickable ads that convert.

Pre-Launch Lead Generation

We then use the ads to begin testing messaging with a fraction of the budget until a low cost-per-click or cost-per-lead (depending on the campaign) is reached. Once we’ve reached these milestones, we will increase ad spend to an agreed-upon daily budget and provide you with weekly reporting.

Launch Day

Now is the time to apply what we’ve learned. On launch day, we will activate your launch ads, boost targeted posts on our exclusive crowdfunding pages, retarget customers and email subscribers, draft an email for launch to send to our crowdfunding-specific email lists, target your best-performing audiences from pre-launch and drive traffic to the crowdfunding page.

Active Campaign Promotion

A successful launch day is only the beginning. Throughout your campaign, we don’t just set it and forget it, we are constantly monitoring your campaign’s progress. During this time we also create retargeting ad copy, re-optimize ad images and copy, retarget campaign visitors, continually test new ad copy, images and audiences as needed, adjust ad spend as needed and create milestone ads, all while providing you with weekly reports.

Successful Campaigns

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