The Magic Spoon That Took Kickstarter By Storm
Rahul Agarwal thought of the idea for Polygons in 2014 while pursuing a degree in design at a renowned University in India. The idea of Polygons came to him when was given this advice by a fellow senior – “Do not tackle designs that have reached the final stage of their evolution. For example, a spoon”. From that point on, Agarwal dedicated his efforts to reinventing the wheel when it came to this object, and the idea for Polygons was born.

After extensively testing with various shapes and materials, he arrived at an optimal solution- Polygons.


Pre-Launch Product Positioning

Polygons’ pre-launch period is what lead to the initial success of the campaign. Starting with zero email marketing leads, Polygons quickly grew by the day thanks to a boosted video of the product that had a viral look and feel to it. By the time launch came, Enventys Partners was able to secure over 28,000 names for the email marketing list, helping the campaign raise over $100,000 in the first 24 hours.

The momentum that the campaign gained thanks to the strategy and efforts of Enventys Partners also helped increase the amount of engagement on social media. Starting with zero followers on any social platform, the Polygons Facebook page ended with 20,390 likes and increased Twitter following by 274%. The campaign was also able to keep a very low cost-per-conversion in regards to paid advertisements on a fairly low budget.


Successful Product Launch

Enventys Partners enabled Polygons to become an internet phenomena and shatter their crowdfunding goal. While it helps to have a unique product that is affordable, having the support of a team of dedicated professionals can never hinder, only help, a campaign’s success. The Polygons campaign finished funding on November 20th, 2016 and raised $1,022,120, which was 10,221% of their $10,000 goal.The Enventys Partners team was able to secure coverage in multiple top-tier outlets, maintain an excellent ROI regarding paid advertising and maintain a valuable relationship with supporters on social media, increasing the social following by 20,664%.

To learn more about Polygons, visit www.getpolygons.com.

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