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Digitzs: Making Payments Painless

Laura Wagner, CEO and founder of Digitzs, was inspired to create a payment processing company after seeing the pain points that entrepreneurs and small-to-medium business owners had when trying to get paid for services rendered. She created a service where users can pay quickly without ever leaving a site, and that collects fees for no cost to the company – all via a white label, risk-free solution. Laura had the idea, and she had the team. She just needed the funding. So she came to Enventys Partners to both spread the word about her new SAAS through marketing and raise funding through equity crowdfunding.

Finding the Right Path to Success

Both Laura and the Enventys Partners team were aware of the challenges that raising money through equity crowdfunding posed. In early 2015, equity crowdfunding was still quite new and few people were aware of how to participate or even what it was.

To prepare for the campaign, the account manager helped revamp the Digitzs landing page and create an animated video to help convey exactly what makes Digitzs so helpful for small-to-medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs. Working alongside the account manager, the communications specialist helped to create buzz by distributing releases for every funding milestone and pitching leading industry publications and thought leaders. Perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle was the investor outreach process, which the account manager diligently worked on over the course of a few months, designing a pitch deck and then reaching out to people on AngelList, EquityNet and other platforms before eventually migrating the campaign over to Crowdfunder.

Landing $15M+ in Reservations and a Celebrity Investor

With the help of Enventys Partners, Digitzs was able to raise millions of dollars through accredited investors and, almost more importantly, land celebrity investor and Shark Tank alum, Kevin Harrington. The campaign then migrated to the Crowdfunder platform, where it went on to raise over $15M+ in reservations and hit #1 on The CNBC Crowdfinance 50 Index.

Secured landmark investor

Kevin Harrington

Money Raised

Notable Press Hits

Crowdfund Insider
LA Times

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