The Boy Band Guide To Why Your Landing Page Sucks

You can hire the great copywriters, take great photos of your product, and send out hundreds of press releases, but if your landing page doesn’t deliver on the basics, you might as well have spent money throwing the biggest concert that nobody came to. From SEO to PPC, everything has to work N’Sync (seewhatididthere?) to make the most of your traffic – but if your landing page comes across like Danny Wood rather than Donnie Wahlberg, you’re probably losing potential conversions. Like boy band ballads, you have to capture the audience’s attention as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll fade into obscurity like 5ive. So let’s grab a boom box, toss in a mixtape and take a look at landing pages.

The Playlist

New Kids on the Block “Step By Step”

Never forget the basics when you start. To paraphrase the lyrics:

  • Step 1: Identify your target customer by creating a persona that typifies your ideal audience.
  • Step 2: Determine keywords that your persona would use, never forgetting that they are real people, and not just pretty pictures in Teen Beat.
  • Step 3: Speaking of pictures, visuals can generate 30 times more traffic than text, so use them wisely and effectively.
  • Step 4: Text is also crucial, so include well-written copy that answers questions and encourages visitors further down the sales funnel.
  • Step 5: Website functionality as well as usability will keep your visitors from bouncing out and missing your message.

New Edition “Mr Telephone Man”

Even back in 1984, New Edition knew how important the phone was. With Google’s recent announcement that mobile has overtaken desktop in searches, you need to be sure your landing page is optimized for this audience. While many websites claim to be mobile responsive, it doesn’t hurt to double check on a couple of devices to be sure. If you’re utilizing interactive media on your site, be sure it plays. If you have a third-party plug-in, make sure it’s not interfering with the user experience by slowing the load time, or simply not working at all.

Bell Biv DeVoe “Above the Rim”

If you’re trying to convert your traffic, why are you putting all of the important information and calls-to-action below the fold? “The Fold” is an old term borrowed from the print/publishing industry, but the concept is valid – what appears at the top of your page matters. While it is important to tell your story, you want to be sure that the user is hooked as soon as they land on the page. The more work they have to do to find out about you, the more likely they are to leave. If your goal is to grow your newsletter subscriptions, don’t hide the sign-up at the bottom of the page. If you want nothing but net, you have to get your visitors right up to the free-throw line.

N’Sync “I Want You Back”

Establishing measurable goals should be one of the first things you do when you create your site. Are you looking for leads? Sales? Members? Engagement? Create a page that invites users to come back. Make sure your site reflects that with the right call-to-action. Create a page that invites users to come back. Be sure you have an easy, single-click sign-up system if that’s your goal – too many steps and it starts to look like a Justin Timberlake dance party.

And make your social sharing buttons easy to find, as many people love to connect with their favorite brands on their favorite platforms.

Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way”

One of the hardest things to do is be objective when looking at your website, so hold on to your fedora and reach out to a friend who isn’t involved to have them give you an honest assessment. User testing will let you know if what you personally want is really in the best interests of the visitors you’ll bring to your site. Somet imes you’re just too close to the project to remain unbiased, so take a step back and let your posse give you feedback.

Boyz II Men “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”

Tried and true methods of the past may not be working in today’s world of rapidly changing digital space. If a favorite option or call-to-action is starting to lag, be honest with yourself and critically evaluate if it’s worth keeping or if you need to “take with you the memories”. Watch your site performance through Analytics to make sure you’re still a viable destination, as well as monitor emerging trends in technology to make sure you’re still working on a platform that produces results.