3 Ways to Solidify Your Brand’s Image on Social Media

It’s 2015, and people take social media seriously. Social media users have high expectations for brands on social media as evident from studies showing that many people expect brands to respond to their posts within an hour. With more people looking brands up on social media than ever before, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward in case someone decides to type your brand’s name into their search bar.

Here are three important aspects to consider when working on your brand’s image on social media.

Graphics that Reflect the Brand Identity

Every brand should have visually pleasing social media accounts in order to appear professional and cohesive. Pages lacking consistency in style can be a turn-off and drive people away. Draw people in, rather, with sleek aesthetics that will help your brand look professional and legitimate to social media enthusiasts. Think of the message you want your brand to convey – ultimately, you want to be true to your brand. Consider that when designing your graphics and remember that regardless of the style you choose, all of the elements should work well together and give off the same vibe. Make sure that the elements used will also strengthen the branding that has been used elsewhere (for instance, on your website or print materials).

Content that Targets the Intended Audience

Aside from the visual appeal of your account, another important aspect to consciously work on is understanding your target audience. Facebook’s Page Insights, a free tool for Facebook pages, allows you to view the stats of your followers – location, gender, times that work best for engagement and more. Use this information to make sure that your content is relevant for your audience. For example, don’t post about holidays only celebrated in the U.S. if most of your audience is located in another country. It may benefit you to look up the holidays celebrated in the places where your audience is most prominent. Keep in mind that what may be relevant to people in one country may not be relevant in those in another! Speaking of keeping things relevant, keep your industry in mind – don’t post about the latest beauty products if your brand mainly focuses on home security tech. You want to contribute content that will pique the interest of your followers. They’re following you for a reason and expect a certain type of content.

Persistence – Putting in Effort

As mentioned before, social media users have high expectations for brands on social media as they see social media accounts as an extension of the actual brand. If your brand can meet those high expectations, it will certainly pay off but social media management can requires time and energy.

Many brands have a social media manager whose sole job is to serve as the ongoing liaison between followers and the brand and make the brand’s social media shine. If you’re interested, Enventys Partners can provide you with social media services as well as design services.

Most importantly, remember that your brand’s image on social media is the result of the effort you put into it. Devote time and energy into quality graphics and original content. People notice these things and perceive your brand in a positive or negative light depending on what they experience when they visit your page.

What tips do you have for strengthening a brand’s image?